Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Semester is Over?!?!

Big News! My project for the semester is finally done!  After reading through a lot of information on the best tactics for promoting a Reference Desk we finally found. After tailoring to our needs and putting our own flair on it we then had to find the students to help us.  This is one of the variations of our end project!
Overall, I am very happy with the results.  The theory is that since these contain photos of peers it is more likely that it will draw the attention of students passing by and they will stop and actually read what the poster is saying.   There are five different versions of these; one was made for the student landing page and one is for the library banner and then there are three variations of a poster which are located in all of the academic buildings, First Year dorms and common spaces on campus. 
I am excited to see if it really will promote desk services (or if we are just busier than usual because of finals).  I will have to check in with the Reference Department next week as this coming Wednesday is my last Reference Desk shift.  BUT! Before I get too worked up about the end of the semester/finals/real world/etc there is still the Finals Study Break that everyone should be looking forward to because there are temporary tattoos, games and ice cream. I’m glad I get to help set up because that means first dibs! Haha. Happy Finals!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just keep plugging away

Hello Gettysburg!
I hope all is well, and that everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of the semester.  It is amazing how quickly the semester went, and also a little scary; I only have two more weeks to finish the project I am working on.

So here is a quick update:
So many resources, so little time
I am not the greatest technology user, but I am in the process of creating a page on the library's resource guide that will include resources, links to resources, and links to links to resources about pretty much anything anyone might ever want to know about the President's Own Marine Band.  It will include audio resources, as well as links to more audio resources.  It will include links to notable and informative websites that will show you super cool pictures of various aspects of the Marine Band, as well as its musicians and directors, past and present.  It will even include links to resources that the library has about the Marine Band, such as informative books that you can actually read.
Bottom line: its going to be awesome!

The date is set for me to complete the project by Friday May 2nd, at which time it will be made visible to the public.  I know you all can't wait, so in the mean time, if there's anything that you might want to know about the Marine Band, (such as: When was it founded?  Which president held a party for the band's 200th anniversary?  How many women are in the band?  Who are other important and influential directors of the band?  Where and when does the band play?  What is the significance of each uniform?  I could go on and on...) don't hesitate to send me an email asking me to include something that you find interesting.
There's only two more weeks left of classes, and then its finals week, so just keep plugging away and doing great work!
As cool as that would be, there are no mice in the Marine Band.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Say Cheese

Me Trying to Take Pictures of the Students
        The last few weeks have been very busy; my project has finally gotten underway! It features several students, and it has been a lot of fun getting them together to take these photos that will be used to promote Reference Desk services. The philosophy is that other students will see these pictures and since it features people they know it will entice them to stop and read the posters or web banners. Hopefully these will be up and around the library the week before finals and students will utilize the Reference Desk more.

         Aside from this project, I have been working with others to set up the Stress Relief Table that will be around during finals week, as well as the Final Study Break, which is when we have an ice cream bar out as well as activities!  This year it will be on May 5, so it will be Cinco De Mayo themed. We have a lot of great activities planned.  It's been a really great experience to help with these projects that do help out students during such a stressful time of the year.

        Otherwise, my senior year is winding down and I only have 4 shifts left on the Reference Desk, which is crazy! I don't know how the semester went so fast; it's strange because things that never seemed all that special are now these moments that need to be cherished.  I can't even begin to describe how much I learned through this internship and how much of an effect it has had on me, so much so that I am going to be pursuing a career in this field after graduation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Project Underway

Hello Gettysburg!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  I must have spoken too soon in my last post about the warm weather, hopefully it comes back soon.
On another note, I have embarked on another researching journey; this time focusing on "The President's Own" U.S. Marine Band.  Ever since I got to see them perform at a neighboring high school my freshmen year, I been fascinated and inspired by the level of excellence and precision that the Marine Band displays.  One day I hope to join their ranks as part of the euphonium section, but I still have a lot of work and practicing to do before I can achieve this goal.
The 1965 euphonium section
of the President's Own

The point of this project will be to collect and present some information about "The President's Own" as my way of adding to the library.  I have begun and will continue to research the history of the Marine Band, its directors (John Philip Sousa is probably the most famous, but many others made essential contributions), the musicians (particularly the euphonium section), composers and compositions, the repertoire that the band performs and how it has changed over time, smaller ensembles within the band (and maybe a little bit about service bands from the other branches), and the role of the Marine Band today.  Once all my research is done I will present it in some way that is yet to be determined.  I will provide an update in about two weeks as to my progress, and in the mean time, I highly recommend finding recordings of the Marine Band to listen to online.  Or, check out the CD collection in the library (yep that's right, we've got a few CDs by the Marine Band!)

#advertising #werk

Project: Ask Us. This project that has been in the works for quite some time is finally coming to fruition and I’m very excited about it. At the start of the semester it was very unclear what my project would be in this wide-world of librarianship and how to relate it back to the Reference Desk.  Luckily for me the Reference department has been undergoing a sort of marketing revival and I get to help.  Admittedly, I knew nothing about how to market the skills of reference librarians but after reading many articles, I think we have a winning strategy.  It will hopefully be up and running in the next month, right before finals; I will be interested to see if the desk gets much more business but it is unclear if will be from the marketing strategy or the rush to save some grades.

Speaking of finals and the end of the semester it has been interesting, as a Senior, to try and figure out; what next? I am applying to graduate school in Library and Information Science but I still need to get experience and some dollars in the bank.  Thanks to some of the reference librarians here I have found a great site that posts a majority of the open librarian positions in each state.  It is incredibly useful but at the same time it is a bit frustrating.  As any Senior knows, we are over-educated and under-qualified for a vast majority of these jobs but there are some opportunities and some are close to home. The real world is looming but with this internship I do feel confident that I will be able to find a job that will provide me with experience and eventually to a job I really enjoy.

My Future Life

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collection Project Completed

Hello Gettysburg!

I hope everyone had an awesome Spring Break and is enjoying the short burst of nice weather!  It's been a long time since my last post because I have been working on a month-long project, and I wanted to wait until it was complete to give the whole scoop.  Due to my interest in any and everything that has to do with the euphonium, I did a great deal of research in an effort to improve and expand upon the large collection of musical resources that the Musselman Library has to offer.
I started by making a list of ten euphonium players from around the world whose skills, styles, and techniques best show off all of the qualities of the euphonium.  I had well over twenty world class players on my list after my initial research, and it took quite a while to whittle the list down to a final count of 14.  For those interested, they are: Steven Mead, David Childs, Robbert Vos, Brian Bowman, David Werden, Adam Frey, Jukka Myllys, Demondrae Thurman, Nicholas Childs, Robert Childs, David Thornton, Leonard Falcone, Aaron Vanderweele, and Lyndon Baglin.  Using this list, I tried to find the CDs and other audio recordings that best represented each artist's individual style while showing off the cool things that a really great euphonium player can do.  This list was also hard to narrow down, as most of the artists have dozens of CDs available for preview and purchase on their respective websites.  (I highly recommend looking these guys up if you're not familiar with them--they're really good!)  Unfortunately, not all of these artists had CDs available, but audio recordings of all of them can be found either on their websites or on YouTube.
While looking for CDs, I was also researching methods books and solos. (mainly for euphonium, but some for trombone and tuba)  I compiled yet another list of the methods and etude books that a euphonium player would benefit the most from, and still another list of solos ranging in difficulty from high school level to professional.  (I became very good friends with Excel as a result of this project)
Anyway, I believe that some of the items on my lists are going to be added to the library's collection, and I highly recommend checking them out.  If you don't play the euphonium, (or even know what that is) I encourage you to check out some of the CDs that the library has, or go on to Naxos Music Library, or just search "euphonium" on YouTube.  To all other instrumentalists and vocalists: I challenge you to do some exploring in the library's collection for your instrument, and if there is something you would like that the library does not have, contact Amy Ward, the music librarian, at award@gettysburg.edu, and she will do what she can to add it to the collection.
Lastly, here are some pictures of some of the artists mentioned above!  Enjoy, and keep up the great work.

Steven Mead, England
Dr. Brian Bowman, University of North Texas

David Werden, U.S. Coast Guard Band

Alex Schweizer (maybe someday)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Meetings, Weedings, Development.. Oh My!

          Hello!! Since the last time I posted a lot has happened and so far, still good. That’s not to say I haven’t needed help on a few Reference Questions but things are going pretty well. I’ve had a few ‘RefWins’ where I've felt that I was particularly helpful, one was even over chat! Everything is going great thus far and I’m definitely learning, a lot.

            The last couple weeks I have had a couple of meetings with other integral members of the library staff. The first was with Jessica Howard, the Electronic Resources & Web Services Librarian.  This meeting was awesome because we discussed how she became a librarian when it wasn’t exactly her original plan.  We also talked about what she does for the library in terms of keeping the website up and functioning but we spoke at length about her part in deciding which databases get used.  We currently have several trial databases up and she explained how thorough the process is because she gets feedback from faculty, staff and students and how even though it may take longer, she generally finds pretty great databases that are super helpful.

            In my other meeting with Ronalee Ciocco, the Director of User Services, I got to talk to her about everything that is required of her job. Most of our discussion revolved around Inter Library Loan (ILLiad) and her thoughts on the eBook issue. We also talked about the the OneSearch function that GBurg has now, she mentioned that there has been a huge increase of requests because it searches so many databases that students use the Gett It button much more frequently. The most helpful part of my meeting with Ronalee was just getting advice on how to be a better librarian and she really emphasized that getting experience was the key because it would make getting a job after Graduate School a lot easier.

           Other than my meetings, I also had a fun week working with the collection in terms of weeding and development. I helped Clint, Stephanie and Kerri weed the science section of the reference collection. I thought it was helpful seeing librarians who don’t specialize in science make really thoughtful choices on what books to keep, weed, or move elsewhere.  Then, on the opposite side of the library spectrum, I helped Kerri with Collection Development.  I started with the browsing room which means I got to review a bunch of new fiction titles. It was so hard to pick and choose because they all seemed so interesting and fun in comparison to some of my school readings.  Who knows, spring break is soon, maybe I’ll have some time to read in a couple weeks!

Weeding. It ain't just for gardens.